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Collection: Monterey | Species: Hickory | Color: Hacienda

Collection: Monterey | Species: Oak | Color: Seaside

Collection: StoneWalk™ | Color: Regatta

Collection: Lofts | Species: Oak | Color: Saddle

Hello Baroque Customers, Randy Gum here!!

I look forward to seeing everyone in Nashville at Summer Convention week of August 8th! But that is NOT the most important thing happening that week!! Seriously…. You know and have supported MY struggles- 8 years with MS, Stem cell transplant in Russia in 2018, 2 brain surgeries in the last two years for an incurable brain disease-

But that is nothing………

Then I met Patrick Rummerfield…….

See his webpage, story and accomplishments at the link above!

Pat is my neighbor and my new best friend, AND, the first full quadriplegic to completely recover and gain full mobility!!!! That was not the end of it, that was the beginning! Then he entered and completed the Iron Man competition, carried the Torch in the 2004 Olympic Games, climbed every mountain on planet earth, spoke on every talk show, for every major corporation, been on magazine covers, gave interviews everywhere and for everyone, and best-selling author of his autobiography “Green Bananas” , and even set the land speed record in an electric car at 245.5mph! Now, he’s MY personal HERO and proud to say my close friend since we met last year in the most unusual way. But Pat is never done- working out, training and most of all- helping others!!


I am blessed to know Pat, and even more so, that Baroque Flooring can support Pat in his next “Crusade of Charity” in the –

2022 Manitou Incline Fundraiser – Wednesday, August 10th

Join Baroque Flooring in supporting Missouri KIDS Regional Ambassador, Patrick Rummerfield, in his quest to climb 2,744 steps on the Manitou Incline in Colorado to raise money for MOKIDS.
Home – Missouri Kids – Providing Assistance to Disabled Kids.

See you in NASHVILLE!!

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