About Us

about-us-cassini-hardwood-floorThe Cost of Luxury Just Became Affordable

The name Baroque refers to a period starting in 1600 AD when Europe’s great artists began creating works designed to be accessible to everyone, not just their wealthy patrons. That’s why we chose our name. It reflects our commitment to creating great flooring in a range of classic and contemporary styles that’s accessible and affordable to everyone.

How can we do this? We focus on producing a limited line of products representing the most desirable types, styles and colors. Then, by eliminating the “middle man,” we offer these at the lowest possible prices to a select group of the country’s best flooring dealers. They pass on the savings to you.

And we do all of this in an earth-friendly fashion, completely in tune with the needs of today’s homeowners and the planet we all share.

Baroque’s Guiding Principals

  • We use state-of-the art production systems and technologies to minimize waste, maximize yields and support innovation in both manufacturing and product development
  • All of our flooring meets the most stringent industry performance standards
  • We employ “earth-minded” harvesting and production processes – learn more here

See our U.S. and international quality and environmental certifications here.