Hardwood Warranty & Maintenance

Keeping your hardwood floor beautiful

SweepFloorBaroque hardwood flooring can stay beautiful for decades with proper care. The key is to avoid the things that can damage it. The first is prolonged exposure to moisture including high humidity and chemicals. The second is abuse from things such as moving heavy furniture across it, heavy or sharp dropped objects, damaging footwear and unclipped pet nails. The third is grit and dirt that if not cleaned up can damage the surface of your floor over time.

So to help you keep you floor at its best, we offer these simple maintenance tips. We also recommend that you see our full warranties here for more maintenance information.

  • Don’t wet mop your floor or ever “flood” it with water or other liquids – use a damp mop or wipe only
  • Sweep regularly with a broom or vacuum (use soft brush heads only – no beater bars)
  • Wipe up any spills quickly
  • Use door mats to minimize tracked in dirt and grit
  • Use area rugs in any high traffic spots or areas exposed to spills and moisture (e.g., in front of the sink or stove, under the dog’s bowl)
  • Don’t use rubber backed area rugs or doormats – these can trap water
  • Use furniture protectors available at your flooring dealer on the legs of any heavy moving furniture (e.g., chairs, tables, refrigerators)
  • Use some kind of solid board such as plywood or Masonite to protect the floor when moving heavy furniture
  • Don’t clean with bleach or other harsh chemicals – use a recommended wood floor cleaner only – also available from your floor dealer
  • Don’t allow people to wear potentially damaging footwear such as stiletto heels or soccer cleats
  • Keep your home in a comfortable temperature and humidity range – don’t let it get excessively hot, cold or humid

Some wood floors also change color slightly over time when exposed repeatedly to bright sunlight. While this is natural, consider protecting you floor with curtains, blinds or UV reducing window glass.


Rest easy with our limited hardwood warranties

We are so confident in the quality and durability of Baroque hardwood flooring we guarantee that:

  • For either 50, 25 or 10 years (depending on the floor you choose), the finish will not wear through, peel-off or delaminate
  • For the life of the floor, it will be free of manufacturing and workmanship defects

Please note that these warranties apply only to residential installations where the floors are installed and maintained according to recommendations. See the full warranty for each floor for important details and restrictions:

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