Selecting Hardwood Flooring

How to choose your perfect hardwood floor

Hardwood FlooringHere are some of choices you will see as you browse our hardwood flooring.

Solid or Engineered

Our hardwood flooring comes in either solid or engineered constructions. Solid floors are just what they sound like. Each plank is a single, solid piece of your chosen species of wood, topped with multiple coats of our protective, polyurethane finish. Solid floors typically are not recommended for use in rooms below ground level, or over a concrete sub-floor.

Engineered floors are created from multiple layers of wood “cross-grained” to each other, topped with a premium layer of your chosen hardwood species and multiple coats of the same protective finish. This “layering” makes our engineered floors more resistant to moisture damage, including warping and buckling, allowing them to be installed below ground level or over concrete.

Plank Width, Thickness and Length   

Width: Different collections come with different width planks – 3 inch, 5 inch, 7 inch and 7 1/2 inch. Choose a narrower width for a more classic, traditional look, or go wider for a more dramatic and fashion-forward one.

Thickness: Generally the thicker the plank the better it will perform. Our solid wood planks are all 3/4 inches thick and carry a 50 year warranty. Our engineered floors are either 1/2 inches thick or 3/8 inches thick and carry a 50, 25 or 10 year warranty. See Warranty Section below.

Length: All our hardwood flooring comes in random length planks ranging from 12 inches to 56 inches long for solid floors, and up to 84 inches long for engineered. This means you get a mix of different lengths within every box, creating a more natural, less repetitive look on your floor.

Color and Species

We offer a number of traditional species such as Oak, Hickory and Birch. We also have a range of exotics such as Sapele from Africa and Iteballi from Guyana. Each species is unique and we take extraordinary care to let the natural characteristics and graining from each show through. When choosing remember that darker colors and finer graining are better for more formal or traditional interiors. Lighter woods and wider, more random graining is best for more casual and contemporary settings.


Some of our floors feature a traditional, smooth finish. Others are hand-scraped for a more rustic, or vintage look.


All our hardwood floors are protected by a Lifetime Structural Integrity warranty against manufacturing defects, and either 50, 25 or 10 years of coverage against wear and delamination. See the complete warranty for your chosen hardwood floor here for important details and restrictions.